Eenadu’s conspiracy exposed by Namasthe Telangana

Namasthe Telangana newspaper exposed the conspiracy hatched by Eenadu newspaper on Srisailam project.

Yesterday, Eenadu carried a banner story saying Srisailam left bank also belongs to Kurnool district. To prove its point Eenadu came up with an absurd “proof”. It said the forest area on the Srisailam left bank comes under the Nandikotkur Forest Range office in Kurnool district!

The simple fact is that District borders are decided by Revenue department and not Forest Department. In spite of knowing this, Eenadu hatched this conspiracy to create an unnecessary dispute over the Srisailam project.

Revenue records and maps dating back to Nizam-British era prove that Krishna River is the border between erstwhile Hyderabad and Madras states. Left Bankf of Krishna river comes under Mahabubnagar and Right bank comes under Kurnool district.

Today’s Namasthe Telangana published the official gazette notification of Govt of AP, which has put all left bank villages under Mahabub Nagar.

The Namasthe Telangana article also published Census records, which clearly prove that left bank hamlets and habitats are under Mahabub Nagar district.

After several attempts to dispute Hyderabad, Bhadrachalam and Munagala failed, the anti-Telangana lobby has now attempted to create a controversy on Srisailam.

But, their lies were thoroughly exposed by Namasthe Telangana team.

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