Drinking Water Scheme Launched in Vemulawada

The long cherished dream of the people of Vemulawada temple town has come true with the launch of the drinking water scheme in Vemulawada by Finance Minister Etela Rajender on Saturday.

It may be recalled here that in 2006, the then Chief Minister of the united Andhra Pradesh late YS Rajasekhar Reddy proposed this water scheme to bring water from Lower Manair Dam (LMD) to Vemulawada. But it got delayed due to non-allocation of required funds. Initially, it was estimated that the project needs `9 crore but due to delay in the works, the project cost has escalated to `13 crore and the TRS government had allotted the same and completed pipeline on war footing.

“Similarly, our government will ensure drinking water facility to 10,000 villages in the next coming three years,“ the Minister reiterated. On the proposal to develop Vemulawada temple town, he assured that it would be developed as a model and spiritual town in future.

End in Sight to Water Woes

■ About 40 lakh litres will reach Panchayat water sump from LMD every day.

■ Water lifts from water sump to overhead tank supplies to meet the drinking water needs of the town.

■ Vemulawada town, Tippapur and Nampalli villages to be benefited.

■ Similar water schemes would be launched soon to supply water to 10,000 villages in the next three years

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