Develop Erravelli on Par With Ankapur, KCR Tells Villagers

Chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao on Saturday advised the villagers of Erravelli to stand united and struggle to develop the village on par with Ankapur, the self sufficient and agriculturally rich village in Nizamabad district.

The chief minister, who was returning to Hyderabad from his farm house, paid a surprise visit to Erravelli village, where his participation in a clean up drive had inspired the whole village recently. Rao had stayed in Erravelli for two days and initiated many development works, leaving an impression among the villagers.

He directed the officials to implement those works, including construction of double bed room houses fro the poor after razing the old ones.

As per the orders, officials identified 226 dilapidated houses and razed 105 of them. Chandrashekar Rao personally supervised the demolition of dilapidated houses and appreciated the efforts put in by villagers. He asked the workers and officials to continue the work with the same spirit.

The chief minister also walked down the main streets in the village and interacted with the people. He directed the officials to complete works without delay. Rao also assured to provide double bedroom houses to the eligible and urged the villagers not to fight over petty issues. Announcing that the officials will prepare the plan within 10 days, he assured to participate in the inauguration of house construction works in the village.

Chandrashekar Rao said he will send scientists to conduct soil testing in the village and added that crops should be cultivated based on the scientific suggestion.

Vegetables required for the village should be produced here itself. He said farmers should irrigate their crops using new methods to enhance output instead of depending on age old farming techniques.

Rao said Erravelli can develop better than Ankapur if the villagers are united.

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