Deconstructing the Janus-faced Person in short JP

By: Soonya

Here is a deconstruction attempt of the Janus-faced Person or JP in short.

He is indignant that Indian politics is rotting.

He makes a shady deal with a Yellow party to get ‘settlers’ and ‘same-community’ votes to win an MLA seat.

He says all politicians except himself, stink. We’d like to know what soap he uses.

But he has no compunction to support a person who seems to have had a mini genocide under his watch.

He questions the corruption of Congress, but does not have the guts to talk about the dirtied hands of the Saffron Party. Who did Gali brothers pay? What’s the link of the brothers to Madame Independence? And how come BJP offered ministership to Monsieur Gali?

Who is Adani, how come he became so rich in Gujarat? Who’s paying for the blitzkrieg of Monsieur 56 inches?

JP denounces the power of money. Does he have the guts to ask how come the Saffron party ties up with the Yellow party, which has some of the richest businessmen representing in the parliament? How did the Yellow party survive for 10 years without power? Are the poor of AP donors to this party?

Now he says he is for Modi and he is for Hyderabad in a quarter page ad in The Hindu newspaper. How shameless can one be? Which Hyderabad? A Hyderabad, which is the heart of Telangana, or a Hyderabad mortgaged to the moneybags and crony capitalists from Seemandhra?

Why did Mr. Chennaiah leave his party and join AAP and contest in Bapatla on AAP ticket rather on LSP after working for a long time in LSP?

Was he side-lined because he was a dalit? Speeches on caste and its influence apart sir! One ought to come clean.

He contests against BJP candidate in Malkajgiri but canvasses for Dattanna in Secunderabad! What an idea sirji!

He says a geographical division of Telangana does not make a difference to people and the problems of Telangana, but says he is for Modi, who claims that he got solutions and potions and lotions for all ills of India! How come sirji? Can one person change all the systems that are going to seed or have already gone, clean it all up? Will Modi’s ascent to power automatically cleanse the system of all the ROT that you talk about which ails the Indian democracy?

Long ago I read in some sociology journal – a society that produces super heroes to solve their problems is an impotent one.

He says he is looking for systemic transformation. Does one gent getting to power solve all problems of India?

There must be some limit to hypocrisy.

Can he muster guts to seek the saffron party to come clean on election funds?

Earlier in one post I said, enemy’s friend is an enemy.

Where is the spirit, which drove this gent to cleanse the political system of India?

He seemed to have realized lately as a Johny-come-lately would, that realpoltik is different from speeches and discussions in seminars and in front of television cameras!

He chooses to go with BJP, which goes with TDP, and both of them are mainstream parties! Do both of them publish their source of funds, if money power is what he is against?

Neither money power counts, nor murder of thousands count as sins any longer for this intellectual! Can’t this savior of Indian democracy see that democracy was butchered in 2002 in Gujarat when death danced on deadly weapons so brazenly to snuff our innocent lives? And he says so brazenly that he is for Modi!

What’s his motivation today?

One should accept defeat gracefully and walk out into the sunset rather than all these somersaults.

At least the AAP has the guts to question both BJP and Congress! And fought battles on the ground. And won more seats than this intellectual and his bogus party with bogus ideology.

And he claims now that he was instrumental for Hitec city. Is he accepting that he was party to the insider trading of sensitive information leaks to a select community of AP who bought lands on the cheap in Madhapur? Is he accepting his culpability in such insider trading and creating an asymmetrical information climate benefiting one community to which he also belongs?

His Andhra film industry uses a phrase/dialogue ‘mind dobbindi’!

At least the rest of the political fraternity excepting AAP do not masquerade and shout from roof tops, crying ‘murder of democracy’, every one knows who they are and how they might behave. No surprises, at least they are honest to that extent.

But using a mask of intellectual honesty, probity, and integrity and resorting to realpolitik is something only the Janus-faced Person can carry with aplomb. Along with his new found mentor and love, with blood on his hands who doesn’t seem to have any remorse whatsoever for the thousands of innocent citizens killed nay murdered nay butchered under his glorious ‘development model’ watch!

And to top it all a righteous holier-than-thou attitude! Will the real JP stand up please? Or is there one?

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