DATA Event – Meet & Greet IT & Panchayat Raj Minister Sri KT Rama Rao

Dallas Area Telangana Association – DATA hosted a Huge Meet & Greet Session with Sri Hon. Minister KTR – K. Taraka Rama Rao IT and Panchayat Raj Minister, Government of Telangana, Sri A. Jeevan Reddy (MLA – Armoor) and Sri B. Ganesh Gupta (MLA – Nizambad) on 10th May 2015 in Hilltop Banquette Hall , Irving TX.

Sri Hon. Minister KTR and his delegation visited Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Plaza in Irving TX and paid floral tributes to the father of India and released the balloons on his memory, speaking on the occasion; he was delighted to visit Memorial Plaza and requested the attendees to follow the principles of Gandhi.

Rally of 200 cars lead Hon. Minister and delegation team for 22 miles under Police Escort to Hiltop Banquette Hall to show our support and solidarity to all Telanganites, over 300 people Participated in the car rally across all the corners of Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, Oklahoma and Louisiana, In spite of heavy rain and thunderstorms which caused brief interruption of the arrival of guests, by GOD’s grace rain stopped in time, beautiful clear sky opened up with a big rainbow.

After the Car Rally, DATA CORE Team and Women received Sri KTR and his delegation with flower bouquets at Hilltop Banquette Hall with Huge gathering. DATA Spokes person and DATA Executive Committee Member Sri Mahendar Ganapuram invited Chief Guest Sri KTR , Sri Jeevan Reddy, and Sri Ganesh Beegala on to the stage with a Texas Size Welcome and by saying Jai Telangana .. A moment of silence was observed to remember fallen heroes during Telangana Struggle and Prof Sri. Jayashankar Garu.

Speaking on the occasion, Sri KTR Said, he was honored and thrilled to be on the DATA stage in TX, he said I read and heard about DATA and he could not say No when DATA approached him with today’s program. Sri KTR informed in detail what Telangana Government is doing the for the past 11 months, prestigious projects such as Drinking Water Grid Project, piggy backing Fiber optic network, Investment Opportunities, IT exports, Increasing Hardware presence and shared Honorable Chief Minister Sri KCR’s Vision for Telangana. Sri KTR conveyed Mother’s day greeting to all the women, and thanked women who attended the event inspite of Mother’s day Amidst thumping cheers and applause, he requested all the young mothers to teach their kids about Telangana, traditions and culture.

Sri Pramod Reddy – DATA Executive Chair – With Sri KTR’s inspirational, energetic message and Sri Jeevan Reddy’s request DATA Team and Supporters promised that, Part of Water Grid Program DATA will adopt 20 fluoride affected villages of Nalgonda. Also DATA will work with government of Telangana to create awareness and raise funds for Mission Kakatiya. Sri Pramod also announced upcoming DATA event, Telangana Formation Day and Cultural Night on 13th June and requested all to attend 1st Telangana formation day and thanked all the attendees, DATA Team and Sponsors for making the event a huge success.

Sri Ram Kasarla – Data Executive co-chair invited DATA sponsors on to the stage, during commemoration ceremony Sri KTR presented Memento’s to DATA Sponsors. During the Q&A session, DATA provided lunch to all the attendees; Sri KTR answered all the questions in Real Estate, Employment, Bureaucracy, and Women’s Security etc, he also thanked the audience for keeping in touch with back home. The Event was wrapped with a Mother’s day Celebrations with a cake and wonderful memories.

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