Curious Questions

By: Venkat Gandhi Poddutoori

They say Telugu Jaathi is divided:

– Why don’t the Telangana people feel that the Telugu Jaathi is divided with Telangana state formation? Are Telugu speaking people of Telangana not Telugus?
– Are the Telugu people living outside of AP divided?
– Are the non Telugu people in AP are not Indians? Why only Seemandhra Indians oppose Telangana ?

They say we do not oppose Telangana:

– why not say we support Telangana ?
Why not say Jai Telangana or at least Happy Telangana ?

They say we need security if Telangana is formed:

– Are you not having faith in law of the land and Indian judiciary ?
– Are you saying you are previlaged?
– Are you worried about your past illegal deeds ?

They say KCR is Bad:

– Why not happily get rid of him and let people of Telangana bother about him

They say TDP Naidu and BJP Modi made for each other and Perfect Combo:

– Why not merge TDP into BJP ?

They say Congress and YCP have deal:

– Why not vote out both? If you know it?

They say Congress and TRS are in deal and will merge:

– Why bother when its the choice people of Telangana have to make and live with their choice?

They say why so much hurry ?:

– Excuse me, it’s the longest ever state creation process since India’s independence 4 years over since 9th Dec 2009, you forgot the date?

They say there is no constitutional provision for common capital:

– Why not name the residual AP new capital?

They say federalism is in threat:

– Why so ? When Andhra split did not State of hyderabad split into 3 did not and 28 states formed after Andhra and 13 more did not ?

We can go on and on …

All that is clear is
We do not say what we mean
We say what we do not mean
Our Rule of Game and Argument is
Heads I Win, Tails You lose!

Driven By
Intellectual Dishonesty,
Intellectual Extremism &
Love for the Hegemony over Hyderabad

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