Conspiracy to make Hyd a UT still alive

When MissionTelangana team first broke the news that Chandra Babu, NJP and Modi are conspiring to make Hyderabad a Union Territory, many Telangana BJP folks were  angry on us. They hurled choicest abuses on our team. They said our allegations were not true and that Modi will never even think about separating Hyderabad from Telangana.

But happenings in the past one week prove that the conspiracy to make Hyderabad a Union Territory is still alive. The plan is to make Hyderabad a UT under the garb of making it the “Second Capital” or “Alternative Capital” of India.

According to the initial plan, Modi was supposed to make a statement about Hyderabad in the Tirupathi public meeting held on April 30th. But due to the widespread leakage of the news and the angry reaction from Telanganites, it looks like the plan was slightly altered.

On May 1st, Ashok Babu, the leader of APNGOs, which spearheaded the anti-Telangana movement, met Narendra Modi and requested that Hyderabad should be made a Union Territory. Speaking to mediamen after the meeting, Ashok Babu claimed that Modi has given them positive assurance about making Hyderabad a UT.

Telugu daily Andhra Jyothy carried a banner story in its Seemandhra edition today that Chandra Babu Naidu and Narendra Modi have discussed about making Hyderabad the Second Capital of India. The story says Narendra Modi has responded positively for this proposal.

Image: Newsclip from Andhra Jyothy 3-5-2014

While making Hyderabad the “Second Capital” might sound innocuous to many people, in actual sense, we should remember that making Hyderabad a “Second Capital” of India is not possible without converting it into a UT.

It is clear from all these happenings that the conspiracy to separate Hyderabad from Telangana, by converting it into a UT is still alive.

Telanganites need to be really alert and nip any such moves in the bud.

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