Come….see…and learn, IT minister Mr KTR tells BJP leaders.


Scores of BJP leaders from all over the country including PM Mr Modi and several chief ministers are arriving in Hyderabad to participate in their party’s national executive committee meeting.

Welcoming them wholeheartedly, the Telangana IT minister Mr KT Rama has asked them to see and learn how the fledgling Telangana has progressed so far and how it has been doing.

In a letter to PM Mr Modi, the minister said there was no place in the country except Telangana where unity in diversity prevails. The BJP should replicate the same.

They should also learn how the Kaleswaram and Mission Kakaitya scheme helped people and they should also implement the Mission Bhagiratha all over the country.

With welfare schemes such as round-the-clock free uninterrupted quality power supply, Basthi Dhawakhanas reached every section of Telangana. These should be implemented in all BJP trouble engine states as well, the minister said.

Mr KTR wanted the BJP leaders to talk openly about the truth in their executive meeting at least and eschew the divisive agenda that is the DNA of the BJP. “Do the BJP leaders have the guts to introspect and stop governing by telling people lies? he sought to know.

The minister also wanted the BJP leaders to know how the Ganga Jamuna tehjeeb prevails in Telangana and the same should be learned by the BJP leaders. He wanted them that the Telanganga government had launched nearly 450 welfare schemes covering every section of the society.

Mr KTR also satirically asked the BJP leaders to taste the Dhum Biryani and Vegetable Biryani and not to forget to ask for more and taste them.

The IT minister said the BJP should learn more from Telangana and come up with a new agenda that benefits all people irrespective of caste, creed, and religion all over the country.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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