CM lays foundation for Kaleshwaram irrigation project

By: V Rishi Kumar

Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao performed the Bhoomi Puja for the Kaleshwaram project aimed at harnessing the Godavari river water through a series of barrages, reservoirs and lift irrigation schemes.

Rao said the new State will be able to use water from both Krishna and Godavari rivers as per the allocations made. The State proposes to lift about 160 tmc of water using lift irrigation facilities by utilising water from Pranahitha and Godavari at Medigadda in Karimnagar.

“We will make use of all the 1,300 tmc of water allocated at any cost,” he said after performing the puja for Kaleshwaram pump house located at Mahadevpur mandal in Karimnagar district of Telangana.

The Chief Minister’s dream is to ensure that the Godavari river water flows across the fields of Telangana, filling the farmer’s eyes with joy and irrigate parched agriculture tracts in the State. Once the water flows, Rao felt, “It will herald a strong and sustained growth towards a ‘bangaru’ (golden) Telangana.”

After laying the foundation stone for the project, the Chief Minister said it is proposed to complete the project within two years. Once completed, Yellampalli, Mid-Manair, Medak and Hyderabad will be able to benefit from the water supply. By harnessing the water at Karimnagar, it would be possible to come out with two crops, he said.

Due to construction of several barrages in Maharashtra upstream, the water flow into Godavari has come down. The Chief Minister said that he will soon ink a pact with his Maharashtra counterpart, which will enable the State to get adequate water for use in the project

The project is expected to create irrigation facility for 18 lakh acres and stabilising about 12 lakh acres. It is proposed to develop three barrages on the river course at Medigadda, Annaram and Sundilla reservoirs at several locations with barrages storing about 30 tmc and reservoirs 150 tmc.

As per estimates, the project will require about 4,500 MW of power to evacuate water through pump sets.

Source: The Hindu

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