CM KCR birthday trends the social media.

Scores of people – doctors, NGOs, political leaders, photojournalists, reporters and so on posted their photographs taken with Mr KCR on social media.

Feeling proud of their association with him, they took to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Many of them took photographs with Mr KCR during his tour across the Telangana leading the separate Telangana movement while some got photographs with him after he became chief minister of the newly formed Telangana state.

Even those who are not connected or got photographs with him too went on showering praises on Mr KCR for his dogged persuasion in achieving the separate statehood to Telangana. Many said they felt proud being in a separate state as it is all about self-respect and self-rule even if Mr KCR did not favour them.

The sentiment of belonging to Telangana is deep-rooted among people of all walks of life as they witnessed some sort of alienation and discrimination in united Andhra Pradesh. It is because always it was non-Telangana leaders who led the government and accorded the least importance to people, culture, and development in Telangana region.

Now the majority of people even those belonging to other political parties developed admiration and respect for Mr KCR for having fulfilled the much-desired aspiration.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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