Chandra Babu Naidu – The Crane and the Crab Story

By: JR Janumpalli

Chandrabau Naidu’s latest episode of the soap opera of his political gimmickry is to begin soon. He is going to start his ‘padayatra’ at Rajoli of Mahabubnagar district. The very district he had adopted in his hey days to make it a Paradise on the Earth. But even today, after more than 15 years of his promise, the district is far from becoming a paradise. It is in fact turning in to a desert.

Even now, approximately 15 lakh people migrate to different places in India every year in search of livelihood – like the migratory birds in the wild.

Rajoli is a place very near to the Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme where the canal water humiliation to Mahabubnagar people occurred. Seemandhra legislators misappropriated the water of Mahabubnagar people worth 60,000 acres of irrigation, in a daylight robbery. TDP legislators played a major role in that notoriety. Naidu did not say anything. It is now made a fait accompli, for the democracy to be ashamed of. His father-in-law laid the foundation for the water robbery from legitimate share of water of the district from Krishna River to Rayalaseema. The robbery now has grown to mammoth proportions, while people from the district are struggling even to get drinking water. So why has he chosen Rajoli? There is a diabolic strategy in it. It is to use the same Rayalaseema rowdies, who robbed the water, to help his entry in to Telangana. He is such a vicious politician. He has a record for this kind of proxy political ‘goondagiri’.

The whole world knows that he is singulary responsible for stopping Telangana State in its tracks. He is the reason for the agony of Telangana region and the political log-jam in the state for the last about 3 years. How many times will he enact this grand larceny on the people of Telangana and in what moribund ways? Arguably he is the most incorrigible political crook in the country today. His political career is full of these interminable treacherous acts. If not he, we the people should be ashamed of putting up with such never ending shameless political antics of his. TJAC’s proposed program of questioning him on his stand on Telangana in his ‘padayatra’, after all this makes no sense. It is clear like the day light, that he is ruthlessly against Telangana. Even if he acts in favor of Telangana for his political expediency, he will be a ‘Trojan Horse’ to Telangana, as he has proved it in 2009 and after 9, December 2009. Playing the same old game of protesting to question him will result in the same police action, which happened earlier. He should be stopped in his tracks, as he has done to Telangana State declaration and send back with a fierce determination. It is time to deliver some decisive blows to the enemy for us to reach our destiny.

Whatever may happen to his ‘padayatra’, Chandrababu Naidu cannot go on cheating people like this forever. The nemesis must be waiting down the road somewhere, like in case of many others of his ilk. CBN reminds me of the ‘Crooked crane and the Smart crab’ story of the yore. Let us hope that Telangana will be the proverbial Crab to this crooked politician.

You may please watch the video for the story.



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