Center’s statement of scrapping ITIR project for Hyderabad in Parliament is shameful: Minister KTR

IT and Industries Minister KTR strongly opposed the statement of Union Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar who in Parliament stated that the Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR) project for Hyderabad stands scrapped.

The Minister for IT came down heavily on the Union Government for claiming to have granted other projects that are on par to compensate the ITIR Project. They have cheated the people of the country yet again, Mr KTR said.

“It is in their (BJP party) DNA to easily lie about anything and MoS Rajeev Chandrasekhar has effortlessly done the same now,”

Mr Modi government has scrapped the ITIR project because TRS is politically opposing them. They are indulging in cheap politics.

Mr KTR said the Telangana IT sector lost a great opportunity with the scrapping of ITIR Project and there is no contribution from the Union Government to the tremendous growth story of the IT Sector of Hyderabad.

The Union Government in 2008 proposed the ITIR project for Hyderabad and approved the same in 2013. However, the Modi Government has proved to be a curse on Telangana as it shelved the project just like some other Projects and the promises made in AP Reorganisation Act.

Minister Mr KTR mentioned that he along with CM KCR has made multiple pleas to PM Modi and other Union Ministers in their every visit to New Delhi. There is no positive response even after continuous persuasion from Telangana government.

Minister KTR also stated that after witnessing the inaction of the Modi Government, he gave multiple representations to announce any scheme that would boost Hyderabad IT sector, along the lines of ITIR Project. Not a single penny was sanctioned for Hyderabad’s IT sector.


Minister KTR said the State’s IT sector has registered a higher growth rate than India’s total IT growth withstanding the adverse economic conditions forced on the country due to thoughtless, unwise decisions of demonetization, lockdown, and overall policy paralysis. Telangana’s IT ecosystem would have grown leaps and bounds had the ITIR been implemented.

Minister Mr KTR demanded the Modi Govt to apologize to the youth of Telangana for failing to deliver the promises he made. The BJP has no proper policy for skilling and job creation in the country.  The Prime Minister should explain the loss incurred by Hyderabad due to the scrapping of the ITIR project.

It was incorrect on the part of the Union Government to say that the ITIR was scrapped because the latter had sanctioned smart cities and industrial corridors to Telangana. The IT minister ridiculed the BJP Government for claiming to have scrapped a project dedicated to IT Sector development in lieu of other non-IT Projects. Telangana State did not benefit even from the schemes that the Union Government claims to have extended and this shows the intellectual bankruptcy of Modi Govt, he added.

BJP-ruled states like Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh receive huge funds under various central schemes. But when it comes to Telangana, every penny is counted and shown as a reason to scrap projects. What has the Modi Government given to Hyderabad as a replacement for the ITIR project? PM Modi must answer, Mr KTR said.

Though the people of Telangana are fuming at the injustices meted out to the State by the BJP government the Prime Minister has turned a blind eye to these protests.

Recently the Union Government sanctioned software parks to Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Arunachal Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar, Punjab, Jharkhand, Kerala. Then why didn’t they sanction one to Telangana as well?, KTR sought to know.

He also mentioned that the Modi Government did not even give a penny to the world’s largest innovation campus T-Hub.

The IT minister said the IT Sector in the State is growing at a rapid pace under the leadership of CM KCR. BJP not sanctioning software park to Telangana despite its tremendous performance shows BJP’s partisanship towards Telangana and its people.

At least now the Center must sanction a project or package to Telangana as compensation for scrapping the ITIR project, Mr KTR demanded.

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