CBN – A ‘Dashamagraham’!

By: JR Janumpalli

Chandrababu Naidu is a ‘Dashamagraham’ left behind by NTR. The emergence of NTR on the political horizon of India is like a ‘Comet’. Comets as generally believed do leave several catastrophes in their trail. CBN is perhaps the worst catastrophe left behind by NTR. NTR ably supported by his son- in law (Dashamagraham), created chaos in Indian politics. His example has spawned the emergence of self-centered ‘Regional Satraps’. Their third front politics to promote their own importance has weakened the federalism of Indian Polity and stopped the formation of viable ‘national parties‘against Congress. Although their only political ideology was anti-Congressism, their support to national parties like BJP was, always marked with opportunism and manipulation. The after effects of NTR Comet are still being felt in the shape of unstable coalition governments of several regional parties at the Centre, weakening the Central Government.

In the state the effect of NTR & CBN combine is like the influence of ‘Rahu and Kethuvu’. Politics was never a means to achieve the ends of welfare of people for them. It was always the ends for achieving political power for them, by hook or by crook. They have intoxicated the minds of people with wacky populist schemes before elections and dropped them when they have cozily settled down in power. In the name of political awareness, they have politicized the very life of people in the villages, without serving any useful purpose for the people, except keeping their family-combine ‘TDP’ in the lime light.

The advent of CBN at the helm after NTR has marked the beginning of most bizarre political experimentation in modern India. He tried to project himself as the prime minister material spending huge amount of state money, for publicity and lobbying inside and outside the country. Nothing came of it except heavy loss to the state exchequer. He tried to drumbeat for himself as the most progressive politician in the country, by jumping on to the bandwagon of ‘IT’, while states like West Bengal and Tamilnadu have achieved more than him in ‘IT’ at the same time without much ado. He tried to ‘e-govern’ the state while the percentage of poor in the state has increased as never before. His, plagiarism of ‘world bank economy models’, Israeli Agriculture Technology, CEO syndrome , Singapoorization of Hyderabad, all have fallen on the wayside, without serving any useful purpose for the state. With all his much touted modernism and economic wizardry, he has brought the state to the brink of bankruptcy. His vision documents have become the laughing stock. This is all because of egotism, without necessary support of sincerity, intellect and commonsense.

He has no political ideology. Concepts like democracy, economic policy, social transformation etc., are like Greek and Latin to him. His only political philosophy is creating strife in the minds of voters and among political parties and manipulate the situation, to garner power, fishing in the troubled waters. Noble ideas like identifying the legitimate needs and aspirations of people and addressing them using his political power are anathema to him. His opportunity for political power is the only overriding criterion for him to act. His political track record is the testimony for this. His actions before and after the last Assembly elections in the state have clearly demonstrated his talent for cunning politics. Though people have clearly understood his political gamesmanship and trounced him in 2004 elections, TRS un-wittingly fell to his cunning manipulation and provided him new lease of political life in 2009 elections. A chance as this to an incorrigible politician like CBN is going to be very costly. Telangana struggle is experiencing this costly mistake for the last one and half year. He is going to be an even bigger thorn in the flesh of Telangana people in the coming months.

CBN is the biggest after effect of ‘Political Comet NTR’ and is like a ’Dasamagraham’ for Telangana people.

Now we all know the satanic history of this’dashamagraham’ inTelangana state formation. Like the graham he is, he still is hovering on Hyderabad and Telangana and threatening tocast his diabolic influence.He will be a thorn in the flesh in the new Telangana State also.The people of Telangana should be aware of it and get rid of TDP at the earlisest possible for their comfort.

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