Bye bye Modi trends on Twitter today.


Today netizens ventilated their anger by taking to Twitter which trended the most against Mr Modi today.
The TRS leaders too joined them and MLA Balka Suman said the country needed a working Prime Minister and not one who is after publicity.
Most of the netizens opined that the BJP government is most inefficient and failed to check the prices of gas, petrol, inflation among others.
The Telangana agriculture minister S Niranjan Reddy in his message said the BJP government which promised to reduce input cost of farmers has indeed doubled them after coming to power.
Mr Modi brokered to benefit Mr Adani in Sri Lanka which is most unbecoming of a prime Minister, some netizens pointed out.
Several Sri Lankan ministers came out openly on this, they said.
Most of the netizens opined that under the BJP regime the country went back and there was no progress on any count.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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