Budgetary allocations to various irrigation projects made

Telangana state cabinet has decided to allocate Rs 388 crore for a link canal from Mallannasagar reservoir to Tapaspalli in the Siddipet district. It envisages providing irrigation water to 1,29,630 acres.

It was decided to allocate RS 44.71 crore to revive the Pedda cheruvu in Buddharam village, Gopalpet mandal of Wanapparthy district.

The state government will spend Rs 144.43 crore for the Ghanpur branch canal under the Mahatma Gandhi Kalvakurthy lift irrigation project which will irrigate 25,000 acres.

It was also decided to allocate Rs 104.92 crore for works under Devadula project in the erstwhile Warangal district. It was proposed to dig a canal linking Gandiramaram cheruvu to Kannaram cheruvu, build a pump house and pipeline works from Gundlasagar to Loukya thanda.

The state government will spend Rs 27.36 crore to construct 11 check dams in Wanaparthy and Gadwal districts.

Allocations were also made to several other works under various irrigation projects in the state.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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