BRS Working President KTR sets plan for successful BRS constituency level meetings

Ahead of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi’s (BRS) Constituency level meetings to be held across Telangana on April 25, 2023, BRS Working President K.T. Rama Rao held a teleconference with the party leaders to discuss the agenda and laid down a detailed plan to make the meeting a grand success.

Around 4 lakh leaders of the party from village to constituency level will participate in the meeting. It will be attended by 3000 to 3500 party activists in each constituency. The occasion will be helpful to further raise awareness levels about BRS’s schemes and initiatives implemented in the past nine years, so that the BRS cadre can spread the information among people. KTR said that the upcoming Constituency level meetings, which are.being held for the first time, will serve as a platform to sound the bugle for the upcoming Assembly elections.

During the teleconference, BRS’s Working President provided suggestions and instructions, stating that the party will propose and discuss six political resolutions on important issues including Agriculture, Welfare, Palle Pragathi-Pattana Pragathi, Education-Employment, BJP’s failures, and local issues.

KTR said that the first resolution should be framed integrating agriculture, electricity and irrigation projects. Through this, he said, the progress achieved in farming, welfare achieved through the State government’s agriculture programmes, irrigation projects should be discussed. Along with Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima schemes which became role models for the entire country, central government’s anti-farmer policies should also be discussed.

Speaking about the second resolution which focuses on Welfare, the Working President emphasized the need to discuss the various schemes implemented by the State government for individuals across different age groups, from infants to the elderly. The resolution will cover the impact of these schemes on different groups, including women, people with disabilities, and those receiving Aasara pension for the elderly.

The third political resolution will focus on the issues related to education and employment. It will provide detailed information on the State government’s programmes related to primary and higher education. The discussion will cover topics such as the allocation of Rs 1.25 lakhs per student through Gurukul Schools to ensure a bright future, the establishment and upgradation of numerous Gurukul Schools to junior colleges, and the creation of job opportunities through TS-iPASS and the private sector. The resolution will also address the bias of the Central government towards Telangana, which has resulted in a lack of medical colleges, nursing colleges, and higher education institutes. KTR pointed out that if Prime Minister Modi had fulfilled his promise of creating 2 crore jobs annually, there would have been no need for the BJP to hold an unemployment march. The resolution aims to raise awareness among the youth about these issues.

The fourth resolution will focus on the transformation of villages and towns across the State through Palle Pragathi-Pattana Pragathi initiatives, and the accolades they have received. KTR emphasized that the equal development of towns and villages was made possible under the leadership of Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao. The resolution will provide a detailed discussion of these initiatives, KTR said.

The fifth resolution will focus on the failures of the BJP-led government under the leadership of Narendra Modi, such as the increase in prices of essential commodities and skyrocketing fuel prices. BRS’s Working President emphasized that although the central government is responsible for the unbearable prices, people tend to blame the State government due to the misinformation created by the BJP. KTR stressed that it is important to discuss the central government’s role in the price hikes in detail, making this a critical resolution.

KTR proposed that the sixth resolution should focus on local issues and urged its approval. He emphasized that the resolution should address the central government’s inaction in granting critical projects to Telangana and its failure to respond to people’s demands.