BRS counters Congress party’s ‘false claim’ of providing 30k jobs in Telangana

The BRS Party has countered the claim of the Congress party, which asserted that they have provided 30,000 jobs in Telangana within the last three months.

Speaking to the media, Congress General Secretary (Org) KC Venugopal said they had already provided 30,000 government jobs in Telangana within three months. “In the same way, they are making promises to address the concerns of rural youth, women, and farmers,” he added.

Countering this statement, the BRS said those 30,000 jobs were filled during the BRS regime, and the Congress government merely issued appointment letters. “The Congress Party General Secretary, KC Venugopal, is shamelessly deceiving the public by falsely claiming that the Congress government in Telangana provided 30,000 jobs in three months. All 30,000 job notifications were issued during the previous government’s tenure,” the BRS party wrote on X.

The party added that the BRS government had issued notifications, obtained finance department clearance, conducted examinations, and completed certificate verification for all the 30,000 government jobs. “Since the election code came into effect, the BRS Government couldn’t hand out the appointment letters,” it said.

The party remarked that the Congress is claiming credit blatantly for the work done by the BRS.