BN Srikrishna spits venom on Telangana

Remember Justice BN Srikrishna? This controversial retired judge, along with a team of “intellectuals and bureaucrats”, attempted to strangle our statehood aspirations some time back.

BN Srikrishna has spit venom on Telangana yet again. While speaking to media after a program in Coimbatore yesterday, Srikrishna expressed his displeasure about Telangana creation.

He said conceding Telangana demand would give rise to more such new state demands, and will impact the integrity of the country.

It is a shame that this person has so much hatred about Telangana, and yet chose to chair a committee, which was supposed to study the statehood issue impartially.

We wonder if the so-called judge would deny justice to a petitioner on the grounds that tomorrow another person would approach him for justice.

We also would like to remind (in)justice Srikrishna that creating a new state will strengthen the integrity of the country, and will not weaken it.

Alas, we have such judges in this country, who don’t even understand the basics of democracy and constitution.


Full text of SKC Secret Chapter

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