BJP’s Telangana Poru Meeting Grand Success

In contrast to last week’s TDP Ranabheri, BJP’s Telangana Poru Sabha was a grand success. While TDP, which has 35 MLAs from Telangana could not muster even 5000 people to its Ranabheri, BJP succeeded in attracting about one lakh people. This is a clear indication about TDP’s sad state in Telangana region.

Speaking at the mammoth gathering, senior party leader Sushma Swaraj tonight said the NDA would extend support if the Centre tabled a Bill for formation of separate Telangana state in the next session of Parliament.

“I have confidence that the bill on Telangana will be introduced in Parliament in July and by that time, I will take the support of all the allied parties of NDA. In case, the Congress fails to introduce the Bill in July 2011, the BJP assures to give Telangana in 2014 after coming into power,” she said addressing a pro-Telangana public meeting organised by the BJP here.
Formation of Telangana would be among the top priorities of the NDA in the event of the BJP-led coalition coming to power at the Centre after 2014, the Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha said.

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