BJP shows its true colours.


The BJP is hatching another plan to sabotage the mega recruitment announced by chief minister Mr KCR in Telangana state.

Making ridiculous criticism, the BJP leader made uncharitable remarks against the TRS government that has come out with the decision to recruit over 90,000 people, a long pending aspiration of unemployed in the state.

Instead of welcoming the move, the BJP leaders claimed that it is too low a number compared to vacancies and also warned the government to ensure that there are no court cases. They wanted the government to avoid delay and complete the recruitment immediately. These marks only indicate the hidden intentions of those party leaders who somehow wanted the TRS government fail in its attempt to give jobs to over 90,000 youth.

Despite the chief minister Mr KCR explaining in detail why the process was delayed, the BJP leaders still claim the state government delayed and showed less number of vacancies.

The BJP leaders seem to have lost their senses and are becoming a laughing stock in the eyes of Telangana people. They seem to be of the opinion that they could garner public sympathies by criticism the ruling TRS government at every opportunity rather than offering constructive criticism.

Another ridiculous claim being made by both Congress and BJP is that it was due to their pressure tactics the ruling TRS party announced the recruitment. They only earned public ire with these kinds of criticism.

People are mocking the remarks being made by BJP state president warning the chief minister Mr KCR not to for an early poll before completing the recruitment. It appears utter shameless on his part to dream for an early election as Mr KCR several ruled it out. The ruling TRS party has a clear mandate and has two more years to go to complete its term.

The BJP must be making wishful thinking that early elections should come in Telangana dreaming to come to power.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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