BJP should change its name, minister Mr KTR.


Minister Mr KTR said it was surprising to see BJP leaders stating that the election schedule for Munugodu will come before 15th. It is the BJP that has been telling whom the government will ban before the NIA says, it is the BJP that says whom the IT will conduct raids.

It would be better if the BJP changed its name. It may be noted that BJP has been resorting to witch hunting after having diluted the agencies such as CBI, IT, ED and other bodies. Mr Amith Shah and Mr Modi use pressure tactics to tame the opposition leaders and if they do not tow their line, then they use the agencies terrorising the leaders with arrests and unending hours of grilling. The BJP that criticised the Congress in the past proved it is no better than the Congress but even worse. Mr KTR is right in his observation over BJP leaders making statements ahead.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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