Bjp resorting  to  mudslinging on the ruling TRS government.

A section of the media owned by a BJP leader went on airing a story that there is a strong anti-incumbency factor in Telangana.
Hence Mr KCR hired political strategist Mr Prashant Kishore fearing a debacle in next elections.
They also inferred that Prashanth Kishore was summoned by Congress keeper Mr Rahul Gandhi for a meeting thus stating that both TRS and Congress have a deal for the next election.
The V6 channel, which is owned by BJP leader Vivek Venkataswamy, went on airing the story time and again.
The speech by Mr Bandi Sanjay at his launch of padayatra spit venom on Telangana government and chief  Minister Mr KCR. He went on to claim that he would get Mr KCR arrested for corruption. Did he mention about suitcase companies of Mr Nithin Gadkari and other leaders? Don’t he see corruption in BJP ruled states.
His speech was so distasteful even to anti-TRS people. Should he need to spit so much venom?
The BJP leaders should realise that Mr KCR was not made chief minister by people of Telangana just like that. He battled for separate statehood to Telangana for one and half decade. He went on fast unto death for the cause.
The same BJP leaders who promised smaller states and supported Telangana went back for some years.
As said by Mr KCR none lives forever even Mussolini or Stalin or Modi. What makes people remember a leader is how best he serves the people.
The people of telangana wonder how do the BJP come to power just in Telangana just by spitting venom on KCR and his family members?

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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