Discontent brewing in BJP in Telangana.



Discontent seems to be brewing in the Telangana BJP unit.
Dubbakka MLA Mr M Raghunandan Rao is reportedly unhappy with the functioning of Mr Bandi Sanjay. Mr Sanjay is accused of ignoring the seniors in the party.
He also seems to be unhappy and feels threatened with Huzurabad MLA Mr Etela Rajender. Mr Sanjay reportedly ensured that no banner or poster carries the photographs of Mr Ranghunandan Rao and Mr Etela Rajender.
Mr Sanjay has been saying that one should not believe promising MLA tickets in next elections.
Like the Congress party, the BJP in Telangana is rife with internal bickering. However they still claim that they will come to power in Telangana.
The internal strife within the BJP though not visible but is deep and troubling. But they put up a bold face as if all is good within the party which is untrue.
Instead of setting things right at home, they are engaged in making uncharitable remarks against the ruling TRS party here.
The rife within the Telangana BJP unit will soon come to fore exposing the differences among the leaders. The seniors like former minister Nagam Janardhan Reddy and Mothukupalli Narasimhlu felt suffocated and left the party.
The atmosphere within the BJP is not democratic as they claim to be. Now Mr  Etela Rajender is also facing the snubbing by senior BC leaders who feel threatened by him.
It is rumored that many from BJP may either join the ruling TRS  or Congress party by the next general elections.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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