BJP means Becho Janatha Property, minister Mr KTR.


The BJP ditched the people of the country. Now it is selling away public sector companies.

It failed to check raising prices.

Mr KTR interacting with netizens said the BJP government borrowed Rs 80 lakh crore burdening the people.

The BJP is instigating youth with fundamentalism rather than providing jobs.

The BJP leader who said chief minister seat in Karnataka amply proves the party’s nature.

Mr KTR minced no words in exposing the BJP and its leaders.

Telangana state is on progress path while the BJP ruled states are lagging behind. Even Gujarath, from where Mr Modi hails, is short of power now.

Instead of setting their homes in order,they are coming to Telangana and criticizing the ruling TRS party, Chief minister Mr KCR and others.

Referring to the introduction of Urdu medium in Group I exam, Mr KTR said it is one of the official languages at many places. He urged the youth not to fall in trap of BJP leaders who are trying to create controversy.


Gollapudi srinivasa Rao

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