Minister KTR takes questions on a wide range of topics during the #AskKTR session



TRS Working President & Minister KTR speaks about politics, governance, and various other topics during his 90-minute long #AskKTR session on Twitter today.

In his initial responses, KTR said BJP stands for Becho Janata ki Property. And when asked about the price rise of LPG cylinders in the country, KTR said, “Modi Hain Tho Mumkin Hain. Welcome to #AchheDin.”

When asked about his comments on the petrol, diesel, and cooking gas prices hike, KTR said, “Modi Ji is unstoppable. He is going to make sure we are the No 1 in the world.”

When asked about the reasons for the delay in the ITIR project for Telangana, KTR said “This NPA Govt will not give Telangana anything. Gave upon them.”

Responding to a question on what the States have to do to deal with the fact that the powers of the states are being usurped by the Union Govt, KTR said “Continue to raise their voice democratically and collectively.”

When a person asked why he blocked the Congress state official handle, KTR said, “Because they have been abusive at a personal level of our Hon’ble CM.”

Replying to a question on the delay of the Union Govt in reopening CCI in Adilabad, KTR said, “This Union Govt is only good at selling PSUs under the ‘Becho India’ scheme. They will not respond to our requests to reopen CCI.”

A tweet read – “BJP MP Rohtak Sharma directly attacks Haryana BJP Government for swindling 300 cr Amrit Yojana money. BJP National President JP Nadda preached ignoring their Corruption like this, Karnataka and many more.” Responding to this tweet, KTR said, “What more can we say when their MPs and MLAs are opening up. Am sure Satya Harischandra’s cousin Nadda Ji will look the other way.”

Replying to a tweet on YouTubers exploiting political leaders and misleading people, KTR said, “We believe in upholding democratic values and freedom of speech. But when freedom of expression becomes downright abusive, action needs to be taken.”

When asked if the Union Govt can allocate IIMs and IITs for Telangana by end of 2022, KTR said, “Not a single national educational institution such as IIM, IISER, NID or IIIT sanctioned by this Union Govt to Telangana. It’s hopeless to expect anything from them as we’ve been requesting for 8 years in vain.”

Today’s #AskKTR session received many questions on future projects and also new policies of the Telangana government which are in the pipeline. Minister KTR elaborately explained the same in his responses. Listing a few highlights from the session below:

Talking about the flagship initiative ‘Mission Bhagiratha’, Minister KTR called this initiative a “game-changer” for millions of people in the State.

When asked about strengthening healthcare infrastructure in post-pandemic times, KTR said, “Massive budget has been allocated for improving healthcare infrastructure. Hyderabad to get three new TIMS hospitals and MGM being upgraded. Also a medical college in each of the 33 districts to come up along with super specialty hospitals.”

When asked about the arrival of double-decker buses on Hyderabad roads again, the Minister said that the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) and Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) are working on it.

Talking about EV charging stations, KTR stated that the Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation (TSREDCO) is working on setting up stations across the state.

Responding to a tweet on the completion of Nagole Flyover works, KTR said it would be ready by August this year.

Talking about the Regional Ring Road, Minister KTR said that the land acquisition is about to begin for the prestigious project.

When a youngster asked what should the youth today inculcate to venture into politics, KTR said, “be persistent and work hard.”

When asked about his views on crypto talent in India and plans to use blockchain in Telangana Govt initiatives, Minister KTR explained that the Telangana Govt is already using blockchain technology.

When asked if flyovers were the answer to the traffic congestion in Hyderabad, Minister KTR said, “A robust public transportation is a solution but even the flyovers help.”

Responding to a question on a special incentive package for differently-abled sportspersons who won medals in international matches, Minister KTR said that it already is a part of the proposed new sports policy.

Talking about the implementation of traffic rules in the city and the limitations of traffic police, Minister KTR said, “It’s also the responsibility of the citizens to follow the rules. Police can only enforce but it’s all of our collective wills to improve that will help.”

A question read – There is no drought and water is plenty thanks to Mission Bhageeratha. How do you address about rates issue of farmers and the development of farming in #Telangana? To this, the Minister answered, “farming in Telangana has expanded by 120% over the last 7 years, thanks to initiatives like 24/7 free power, Rythu Bandhu, Mission Kakatiya, Rythu Bhima, and irrigation projects.

Talking about tackling major problems in cities during the rainy season, KTR said, “It’s a continuous effort to improve our urban infrastructure. We’ve done good work in certain areas like Power, drinking water, SRDP, and maintenance of roads through CRMP. Now the focus is on improving our drainage and floodwater management through SNDP.

When asked what his views were on Work From Home and Work From Office and if he backed the ‘Hybrid models’, KTR said, “I am all for the hybrid model and more importantly believe that tier 2 and 3 towns also can play a big role in the future growth of the IT sector.”

When asked about including entrepreneurship classes in Telangana schools, KTR said, “I have proposed the same to Education minister Sabitha Indra Reddy Garu in our recent cabinet subcommittee meeting.”

During the session, a native of Tamilnadu requested Minister KTR for a photo-op and the latter said, “Next time when I am in Chennai.”

Responding to the pictures of his son Himanshu being elected as CAS (Creative Action Services) President in School, KTR said, “#ProudFather.”

When asked what was his motivation to develop Telangana? And who was his favorite leader in India other than KCR Garu, KTR replied, “Former president Abdul Kalam.”

The Minister ended the session by saying, “Alright guys. Over 90 minutes of interaction; many thanks to all those who participated. Signing off now.”

Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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