BJP has no issue to tell people in Munugode

While TRS leaders are listing out the developments, the BJP leaders have nothing to claim. The BJP leaders are restricting themselves to just criticising and accusing the ruling party of corruption all the time. They fail to tell what they would do if people voted for their party.

People were vexed by their rhetoric and are not interested in listening to criticism against CM KCR. They know it was Mr KCR who fought for separate Telangana and achieved the state. The TRS launched several welfare schemes covering every section of the society from Kalyana Laxmi, KCR kits, rythu bandhu, rythu bheema and the list goes on.

The BJP has taken the country backwards with its unscrupulous decisions and divisive agenda. All it can claim is the worst decisions such as demonetisation, rising prices of essential commodities, fuel, unemployment, declining rupee value among others.

However, despite failures of the BJP government, the leaders make a cult figure out of Mr Modi. They are morally bankrupt and have no clear agenda for the country and people. The TRS party has edge over Congress and BJP in Munugode clearly as it’s welfare schemes will ensure victory.

The chief minister Mr KCR’S one public meeting during the campaign would turn the picture completely in favour of TRS without doubt.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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