BJP and Congress party ticket aspirants scramble for money

The intense competition for the assembly tickets in BJP and Congress parties made the elections in Telangana a costly affair. They are trying to spend Rs. 20 crore only to secure tickets and need another Rs. 20 crore to contest the election for campaign and other expenses.

Wives and relatives of many aspirants are trying to convince their husbands not to contest the election as BRS is sure to win the election once again. Spending so much money is nothing but a mad thing.

Wife of a party leader was forced to arrange Rs. 20 crore for her husband to secure a ticket. But when the party leadership said it was only enough to give him a ticket and he needed much more for his campaign, he again asked his wife. He tried to borrow huge sums from relatives. His wife and relatives gave him a strong lesson not to venture into elections as people are in favour of BRS. The family will be doomed by spending so much selling away precious land and jewellery.

As the BJP and Congress delayed the release of this party lists for the forthcoming elections, aspirants are growing day by day. But both parties virtually demanded more money for the issuance of tickets and campaigns. However, there is no guarantee of winning the election. It is all like gambling. Though there are rumours doing rounds about demanding money from the aspirants, the leaders of both parties remained silent without even condemning it.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao