Mission Telangana

Bill to be tabled in Rajya Sabha any moment!

Sources in Delhi say that the Union Govt is preparing to table the bill any moment in Rajya Sabha.

The talk in parliamentary circles is that list of supplementary business could be added to the agenda on Monday. The bill was not listed for introduction till late yesterday evening.

Preparations are believed to be on in this regard, although no intimation has yet been given to the members.

Amid opposition by anti-Telangana MPs, including those from Congress, the government has so far refused to reveal its cards on the issue.

Earlier, the plan was to introduce the bill on February 12.

The bill is being introduced in Rajya Sabha as the governmernt apparently wants to keep it alive even after the dissolution of Lok Sabha. Bills introduced in the Upper House and not passed by it remain in the ‘live register’.

Notwithstanding the opposition from within Congress and outside, the Union Cabinet had on Friday cleared the Telangana bill.

[with inputs from PTI]


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