Bandi Sanjay gone totally wrong on new secretariat’s dome-style architecture

Seems like there is no limit to the excesses of motormouth BJP leader Bandi Sanjay. He stoops to a new low every day and breaks his own record. Recently, he stated that once the BJP assumes power in Telangana, he will demolish dome-like structures on the newly built Telangana Secretariat. 

Though implicit, it was obvious that he was attributing the dome architecture to a particular community. This is where the rabble-rouser MP has gone totally wrong. The dome-like structure on the facade is a common sight in many buildings across the globe. Irrespective of faiths, this style of architecture is seen in several constructions.

Many noted buildings and monuments in India like the Supreme Court building, Mysore Palace, Sanchi Stupa, secretariats and assemblies of many states to name a few have domes. 

Coming to the Telangana Secretariat, much before the construction started, the architects cleared the air saying that the new secretariat is designed in Deccan Kakatiya style. The building’s architecture was inspired from the Neelakanteshwara temple and Hanuman temple at Sarangapur in Nizamabad district, the thousand pillars temple at Hanamkonda and the Wanaparthy Palace.

The architecture firm said the overall design philosophy and the exterior architectural character of the secretariat were fusion and synthesis of diverse cultures and heritage of the dynamic history of Telangana.

Also, the top facades of many huge constructions are either slant, conical or dome-like structures. This helps in smooth percolation of rain water or snowfall and prevents stagnation. 

However, Bandi Sanjay’s ignorance knows no bounds. Just to stay politically relevant and polarize the people, he comes up with foolish propaganda only to become a laughing stock.

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