Assembly stance on ‘T’ suicides painful: Justice Reddy

Hyderabad : Retired Justice B.Sudarshan Reddy expressed anguish at the way the state Assembly reacted to the current spate of suicides by the Telangana students and youth. Those holding constitutional positions ought to have demonstrated more responsible and humane attitude in case of such human tragedies , he said.

Pointing out that whatever little was said in the House by the Speaker N.Manohar came not out of his own volition but only after persistent demand by some members continuously over a few days, the noted jurist said . That day in the august House the whole thing looked like merely completing a formality under some compulsion in a hurried manner, devoid of any human touch which the context demanded.

The Speaker shying away even from mentioning the word Telangana in his “appeal” was puzzling , to say the least, since it was the appalling developments in that region which prompted his statement.

This whole set of facts was truly painful which inspired little confidence in and respect for those in responsible positions, he added.

Justice Reddy felt that the issue of Telangana had become so complicated due to the marrying off of politics with big capital. This was one of the major reasons causing suicides by the youth, he explained.

Those who plundered Hyderabad and wish to continue such plunder were the class who were coming in the way of the aspirations of Telangana people.

Otherwise the common people of coastal districts and Rayalaseema had little to fear formation of a new state. He came across a large number of people who actually thought it to be a just desire.

To find a solution to the vexed issue he was prepared to work together with them, Justice Reddy said. [The HANS India]

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