AP govt siphons off funds illegally from Telangana accounts

Telangana government has reached out to bankers and instructed them to freeze transfer of funds to unauthorized accounts, as a massive case of illegal transfer of funds from Telangana government to certain banks in Vijayawada was unearthed.

About 600 Crores belonging to Telangana government in the AP Building and Construction Welfare Board’s bank account were illegally transferred to a bank in Vijayawada on October 7th by two Andhra employees – Murali Sagar, Additional Commissioner, and Rama Rao, finance manager at the Labor Department.

Commissioner of labour Dr A. Ashok, had filed a complaint at the Chikkadpally, police station and the concerned officials immediately escaped from the office only to seek refuge in the AP State Secretariat building.

After waiting outside the gate for several hours, Telangana police finally took the two officials into custody outside the gate of AP Secretariat.

The fact that all files regarding the transfer were missing and the employees immediately fled the Labor Office and sought refuge in the AP Secretariat, proves that this was a well-planned conspiracy.

 Photo: Telangana police taking Additional Commissioner Murali into custody. His office was searched, but all concerned files were found missing

Several instances of such illegal transfer of money from Telangana government accounts to certain banks in Vijayawada are now under the Telangana government scanner.

In another notable fraud, about 20 Crores belonging to Telangana state were illegally transferred to a bank in Vijayawada by an IAS officer of Andhra cadre.

Telangana government has filed a complaint on that IAS officer too.

Alarmed by fraud being perpetrated by Andhra government, the Chief Secretary of Telangana Government, Rajiv Sharma has called for a meeting of all bankers. He read out the provisions of AP Reorganization act and reminded them the bankers are the custodians of public monies. Rajiv Sharma instructed the bankers not to permit transfer of money to any unauthorized bank accounts.


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