Andhra Leaks 9: Telangana Killed In The Womb!

When Seemandhra leaders obstructed the formation of Telangana state on December 10th 2009, not many people understood that this was the second time they were doing this.

In fact for people who knew what happened in 1955, it was déjà vu.

History is repeating itself as the Seemandhra plutocrats are trying to kill Telangana in the womb. Using their money bags and political clout in national capital, they have successfully done this once in 1955.

When the First States Reorganization Commission (Fazal Ali Commission) recommended formation of Telangana, many people of this region hoped that they would get a state.

Look at the following rare news clip from Andhra Patrika dated 19th October 1955. This news clip reports the Fazal Ali Commission’s recommendations. It clearly shows India map with two telugu states – Hyderabad (Telangana) state and Andhra state.

Look at the table presented in the last image which mentions two states – Hyderabad and Andhra with their population and area.

After 6 long decades, the Seemandhra leadership is camping in Delhi to manage the rulers of this country once more. Will they succeed in their mission?

The people of Telangana have to come out into the streets now and protect their infant child before the Seemandhra leadership resorts to infanticide yet again.

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