Andhra Leaks 8: Proof of Forced Telangana Merger

Time and again Telangana leaders and intellectuals have said that the merger of Telangana with Andhra state was done against the wishes of Telangana people.

Where as the Seemandhra leaders have been spreading blatant lies that the merger was wholeheartedly supported by the people of Telangana . Here is a rare newsclip from Indian Express newspaper dated November 21st 1955, which thoroughly exposes the Seemandhra leadership’s false claims.

The States Reoganization Commission headed by Fazal Ali, Phanikkar and Kunjru had clearly recommended the formation of a separate Telangana state and suggested merger only if the newly formed state assembly passed a resolution.

Whereas, the Seemandhra leadership, already in a hurry to grab Hyderabad and resolve its capital city crisis, had started hectic lobbying for merger in New Delhi.

The newsclip given below tells us the real ground-level situation in Telangana before the merger. The then PCC chief JV Narasing Rao clearly stated that the High Command had assured them that Visalandhra would not be ‘imposed’ against Telangana people’s wishes.

It is also worth noting that in this news report, JV Narasing Rao makes it clear that he doesn’t believe in “safeguards”.

Another important thing JV Narsing Rao says was that the opinion of the (then) existing MLAs or MPs in Hyderabad Assembly should not be considered because they did not fight the election on a Telangana – Visalandhra plank. This is a very valuable observation.

He also adds that over 90% of Telangana people oppose the merger.

The sad story that followed was that the Seemandhra lobbying succeeded in New Delhi. And the Telangana leadership was coaxed by the Congress High Command to accept the name sake “safeguards” and merge Telangana region with Andhra.

Read these clips to understand the naked truth behind the formation of this state.

(click on the images to see full-size)

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