An Appeal to Telugu brothers across the border

By: Soonya

History has way of moving. Only those who are sensitive to its movements do better for themselves and their people.

We have seen many ‘historical’ mistakes committed by people which will haunt for decades, sometimes centuries together.

Take the example of the great CPI-M. I do admire the simplicity and commitment of their leaders. But they are always prone to commit historical blunders and later conduct plenaries analyzing their past. They rue the opportunity of Jyoti Basu becoming PM, which would have averted the Kargil episode and therefore strengthening their avowed enemy – BJP and Hindu obscurantism.

They lost the plot, after over analyzing!

Another turn of history – the left forces got good number of seats in parliament. They had about 60 seats and were supporting UPA I. Thanks to their constructive opposition, the Indian pharma industry could survive and breathe and Indian consumer saved from the potential exploitation of MNC pharma companies. Come the issue of the Nuclear Deal and their brinkmanship led to their getting isolated. They lost another great opportunity to influence and shape the policies of the neo-liberals.

In UPA II they have got a reduced majority. It will take a long time for them to summon enough strength to play an important role in shaping pro-people policies in India. Except for making empty noises in the streets.

Their historical ‘dumbness’ again and again paved way to opportunistic supporters in the shape of SP et al, to support a Right leaning pro-big capital, anti people government at the center.

The problem of CPI-M’s kinky decisions lies in their constitution I am told. Their constitution allows for over representation from the 3 states where they were/are strong wrongly influencing their national policy irrespective of how the polity is shaping or the state of affairs. All other regions’ issues get submerged under the ‘local’ politics of the 3 states. Their fear of supporting the T cause stems from the Gorkhaland agitation, for example!

Similarly the CPI-M is caught in a Lakeer ka Phakeer of Vishaalaandhra – the hope that they had in 50′s and dreamt that they would rule this state and influence.

Here again their lop-sided hanging to 6 decades old strategy is alienating them from 4.5 crore Telengana people who by history (and therefore their second nature of rebellion) have a fighting spirit and keep fighting injustices. Instead of standing on their side the party secretary and his cronies repeat a strategem and concept whose ‘sell by date’ went long past its usefulness!

The reason I am sharing this analysis of a party staffed by ‘dreamy and dreary eyed’ good people is how history treats even good intent by making people, parties and powerful people irrelevant in its stride, if they do not ride on the right direction.

CPI-M again lost a wonderful opportunity to stand by the wronged people it avowedly works for and by not supporting the T movement. In my view among many movements in Indian democracy the current T movement is at the top – in its tactics, in its strategy, in its leadership and its persistence. Apart from fighting for its just demands it also is challenging the new corrupt, crony capitalist, rent-seeking class of leeches who are inimical to Indian democracy.

Any one who does not wear CPI-M’s red colored glasses can see very clearly.

It was another historical opportunity that they missed.

The Appeal

My sincere appeal to Andhra intellectuals (professors, students, researchers and aware and educated people) and general public – please do see the de-merger as an opportunity.

An opportunity to redefine the political space – new formations are possible – and therefore so far dis-enfranchised people can seek political space. In constructing a new state there is scope for a wee bit more democracy to seep into the institutions.

There will be opportunities in the material world as well – a new capital will spawn new jobs and new found energy all around – infrastructure sector, construction sector, housing sector, service sector to name a few. So do not cling to ‘Hyderabad maadi’ kind of stand. You can use it for a brief time if you wish but very brief, otherwise the crony class will do everything for their convenience but the benefit of Andhra people. If I were you I would rather take a temp space which would force me to build quickly!

You can build a world-class city better than Lutyen’s New Delhi like Mayawati built new Lucknow! That too on the beaches of Chirala. Come to think of it, you can better than Bombay and make it like the Big Apple!

These new opportunities will also allow for a space for jostling and therefore some new and younger businessmen and women can find a foothold rather than strengthening the already obscenely fat cat businessmen from Seemaandhra!

We welcome our Telugu brethren to work, live and prosper in Hyderabad.

We also hope that you would extend the same favor to us in your spanking new capital!

As a Telugu I would have two great cities to feel proud of!

Think again before you lift the artificial placard of Samaikyaandhra. The Andhra that Shri Potti Sriramulu fought for will be yours post de-merger. Then you can really claim the sacrifice of the Amarajeevi is worth its while and complete the unfinished dream of the great man by building a great Andhra.

The time has come for those who have been silent in the margins to raise their voice and be heard. And participate in nation building by creating two strong progressive economies and pillars of democracy in India.

Think about it. History offers opportunities for those who can re-imagine!

Or you can cling to the Vishaalandhra dead and dreary story that our CPI-M brothers cling to anachronistically, and rue later that what a historical opportunity we lost! CPI-M’s stances and strategies are like a stuck clock – correct twice a day, but dead!

Once again I appeal humbly grab with both the hands the opportunity to build a prosperous Andhra or Seemandhra State!

Best of Luck!

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