Agriculture minister S Niranjan Reddy lashes out at the BJP


Agriculture minister S Niranjan Reddy demanded that the BJP leaders of Telangana to fight for funds, projects and educational institutions due for the state.
He was particularly attacking the BJP leader Bandi Sanjay who is on padayatra who has been making baseless remarks against the chief minister and the ruling TRS party.
The Minister said the Telangana government paid about rupees 3.6 lakh crores as direct and indirect taxes to the central government but the state got only 1.6 lakh crores in return and Telangana was denied all projects and all the funds are being allocated to Gujarat state. But the BJP leaders of Telangana do not have dare to ask Mr Modi why he is discriminating against Telangana state. Even Mr Modi is very jealous of the Telangana government that has made rapid strides in development and welfare than Gujarat state. Minister Mr Niranjan Reddy  advised the Telangana BJP leaders to stop spreading false propaganda against the State Government and instead take out padayatras demanding the centre for what is due to the Telangana state.
The Minister said Mr Bandi Sanjay was putting up fake shows  hiring people from different places. He wants to give an expression that his party is growing here.
The Telangana people are still with Mr KCR who promised and delivered many things which are now being witnessed and enjoyed by the people.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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