A victory, not celebrated

By: Katta Shekar Reddy

After a long wait and fight
After a tortuous tragedy of life
After unparalleled sacrifices
After unprecedented turns and twists
Dream is becoming real…

But I never saw a smile on my friends face
Telangana resolution has not enthused him
Cabinet Note did not make any difference to him
Telangana Bill is not enjoyed by him
Even Cabinet approval of Bill didn’t provoke any celebration in him
Always a suspicion on his face, a question mark in his eyes.

‘How can I smile, when entire media is keeping live the threat of defeat,
When most News Papers and Channels are always hanging a sword on my head,
When dangers of Brahmastras are haunting me all these nights,
When Andhra leaders and media are hoisting false arguments,
When the world is conspiring against me,
How do you think I can smile?’

But every evil has an end,
Every lie must culminate in truth some day,
Every tyranny has to end in democracy,
Brahmastras will have their end in Brahmadanda,
We shall win.
We will win.

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