A surprising manifesto from BRS will be released soon: Minister Harish Rao

Chief Minster Mr K Chandrashekhar Rao will soon release a manifesto that is sure to take everyone by surprise, said Health Minister T Harish Rao. Addressing a series of public meetings in Nalgonda district laying the foundation for various developmental works with minister G Jagadish Reddy, he said despite all tricks by the Congress and BJP, the BRS is damn sure to come to power once again in Telangana.

The Congress party has no candidate in 30 constituencies and its leaders are accused of selling away tickets. There is no chance of the Congress party winning the Assembly elections in Telangana. “The warranty and guarantee for Telangana is only KCR. This is the truth,” Mr Harish Rao said amidst cheering crowds.

People know that for the first time, they got tap water in every household through Mission Bhagiratha only due to Mr KCR. They know that they got an enhanced pension of Rs. 2,000 per month under the BRS government and not in the Congress regime.

Today, there is peace and tranquillity in every village that was once divided on the party and caste lines. There is greenery everywhere. There are graveyards, nurseries, drains and drinking water in every village. This was all made possible only after Mr KCR became chief minister of Telangana. He is responsible for Telangana state and people know all these things.

The people should not get carried away by the greedy Congress and BJP leaders promising heaven on earth. They did nothing for decades. In the states being ruled by them, both parties failed to give free power to farmers, good pensions, drinking water or any other welfare scheme that is there in Telangana state, Mr Harish Rao said.

Mr KCR wants to do more for the youth and women in the state. Soon, his promises will reflect in the manifesto he would be releasing. Mr KCR will become a hat trick chief minister in the country and he has got blessings of all people, he added.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao