A book that captures Hyderabad’s spirit

By: J.S. Ifthekhar

Once Makhdoom went to a hotel late in the night and placed order for ‘khushka-salan’. Pat came the reply, ‘khallas’ (meaning finished).


‘Khallas’ was the reply again.

Makhdoom was naturally upset when he reeled out names of few other dishes and got the same reply – ‘khallas’.

In an irate tone he asked, ‘Is it a hotel or Makhdoom’s house?”

That was the pitiable situation noted poet Makhdoom Mohiuddin found himself in. Sample this one.

Famous Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz was being welcomed at the Urdu Hall in Hyderabad.

In her speech, a playful Zeenat Sajida, remarked, “Faiz sahib writes poetry in Urdu but romances in English.”

Those present in the hall broke into uncontrolled laughter as everyone knew Faiz had married an English woman.

(From L to R) J.S. Ifthekhar, the translator of the book, Rafiuddin Qaudri, president of Dr. Zore Foundation, Mohd Ziauddin Ahmed Shakeb, noted scholar, M.M. Taqi Khan, professor of Chemistry, and Ghulam Yazdani, author of the book, Hyderabad … down memory lane , at the function.

These are some of the little known things to be found in senior advocate, Ghulam Yazdani’s book Hyderabad … down memory lane released here on Saturday evening. The book, an English version of Kuch Yadeyn Kuch Bateyn is translated by J.S. Ifthekhar.

The 216-page book published on art paper is a collector’s item. It covers a wide range of subjects right from royalty to literature, culture, cuisine, architecture. Mr. Yazdani finds an interesting angle in all these things to tickle the funny bone.

“You can read it from anywhere and yet enjoy it,” remarked Dr. Mohd Ziauddin Ahmed Shakeb, noted scholar about the book, published by Dr. Zore Foundation.

Well-known scientist M.M. Taqi Khan released the book.

Deputy Chief Minister Mohd Mahmood Ali, who was to have released the book didn’t turn up.

Mr. Yazdani said after the success of his Urdu book released last year, many persons unfamiliar with the language, felt disappointed.

Therefore, he decided to get it translated into English for wider readership.

Prof. Fatima Parveen, general secretary, Zore Foundation, welcomed the gathering.

As Dr. Fatima Shenaz put it, the book captures the spirit of Hyderabad and its socio-literary culture.

Source: The Hindu

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