Delhi – Can You Buy All Telanganites?

We believe Telangana movement will definitely succeed in its mission because it is not backed by selfish political leaders but crores of selfless Telanganites.

Rajendar Singh from Yadagiri Gutta in Nalgonda district is one such committed Telanganite. Vexed with the delay in the formation of Telangana state, Rajendar Singh took up a cycle rally to the national capital. Braving hot sun, he cycled almost 1800 kilometers to reach New Delhi yesterday.

In New Delhi, he met the TNGO leader Swami Goud and Congress MP Keshav Rao, who were visibly moved by the courage and conviction of Rajendar Singh.

While some Telugu brothers  in Seemandhra region keep spewing venom on Telangana movement, here is a guy, whose mother tongue is not even Telugu, lending his full support to Telangana.

Another example of the Ganga-Jamuna Tehjeeb of Telangana!

And surely a bad news to Congress bosses in Delhi, who are trying to buy a few leaders and manage this people’s movement!

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