The Hero of 1969 Telangana Movement

Here is the photo of Ravindranadh, who sat on a indefinite fast demanding Telangana state on Jan 8th 1969. His fast continued for 14 days.

Ravindranadh is currently very old and is not well. Here is his latest picture


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31 Responses

  1. Prashanth says:

    JAI TELANGANA. could u pls give me the address of Ravindranath. Telangana kosam antha chesina athanni okkasarina kalavali.

  2. Mahender says:

    Can i have his address or phone no plz……….mine is 9700181183

    • Narenderreddy says:

      hi mahender… naku telisinanthavaraku ithanu khammam jilla ki chendina vadu…once his story had came in namaste telangana paper.. you can try it on that.. mean while if i get those details i will fwrd to u.. jai telangana

  3. Madhu Anneboina says:

    Salute 2 Ravindranath garu… we have 2 inspire from him

  4. manoj says:

    i like to say thank u. jai telangana anna

  5. naganjaneyulu says:

    meeru chesina krushi lo ippati rajakeeya nayakulu chittashudditho cheste mee lanti valla kala neraveruthundi.

  6. dilip says:

    i love telangana

  7. PRAHALAD says:


  8. bhargav says:

    mee mariyu mana andhari kalalu nijamayye roju raane vacchindhi

  9. Alligari Raju says:

    Mana Telangana Manaku Kavali
    Mana Batukulu Maarali

  10. Nagesh says:

    Jai Telangana Jai Jai Telangana 🙂

  11. Chandra Kiran Kodi says:

    Jai Telangana…. Jai Jai Telangana

  12. venu says:

    jai telangana

  13. sandeep patil says:

    jai telangana

  14. kiran says:

    dear ravindranath

    …….. i am proud of u being telanganian…….

  15. Irfan says:

    Dear Ravindranath Garu, We promise you that we will fulfill your dream of separate state and that too in your presence…..

  16. Nishanth says:

    pls contact these guys and tell them to publish all what we have here..

    I think you contact this LEGEND through

  17. Mahesh.Gali says:

    Anna naku ardam kavtledhu manam mana Telangana(hyderabad) kusom delhi yendhku wellali.correct gaa city ni concentrate chese thirganevaka pothe chalu kadha.

    See i need some more feedback regarding on this.

    Because until unless nothing will come with peace.

  18. Raj Krran says:

    great leader.. we need this kind of leaders in todays generation then with in a short period we can see the historical and beautiful Telangana… Jai Ravindranath..
    Jai Telangana..

  19. Nagendra prasad says:

    Mr Ravindranadh is my brother he from khammam, Nizampet. he was the first caption for Telangana fight. He is the real hero.

  20. I regret to note Annabathuni Ravindranath, the spark of 1969, passed away just a few days before the CWC resolution. May his soul rest in peace.

  21. soonya says:

    I join you in saluting him. I wish he was alive for a few more months to have seen his dream materialize.

  22. rajkumar says:

    Very sad to note that he has passed away weeks before the final decision for formation of Telangana. He should be given a place of respect in the Telangana state. Annabathuni Ravindranadh sir amar rahe. Jai Telangana

  23. Sai says:

    i have a doubt, now that we got our seperate statehood, are we Telanganites/Telanganian/Telanganer – waiting for comments

  24. Shravan says:

    Great Souls rest in peace….

    Like our “Jewel of Telangana” – Professor Jayashankar Sir…. and many known and unknown contributors who passed away will have a special place in ours hearts. ( Believe me, I never imagined before 2009 that I would ever say such a thing about some one!!)

  25. P.Gopal says:

    Telangana kosam meru chesina diksha vallea eroru telangana rastam vachidhi,sir,e roju mimmalni telangana prajalu gurthupettukuntar,mi yokka charitran mana patya pusthakalo mimmalni cherchali.

  26. PR says:

    first of all a great salute to ravindranath garu… for his courageous decission for OUR TELANGANA,singly…

  27. Rajashekar8213 says:

    Telangana 1 st hero hat’s of u

  28. k Shanmukhareddy says:

    Great man of telanagana

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