Hyderabad will reverberate with the war cries of Telangana

“We are leaving no stone unturned to make the Telangana March a grand success. Hyderabad will reverberate with the war cries of Telangana movement” stated TJAC Chairman Prof. Kodandaram

He clarified that TJAC does not have any differences with TRS or any other party. He said the news about differences are just a creation of Seemandhra media.

Prof. Kodandaram was speaking to the media after a meeting of TJAC at the TNGO Bhavan in Hyderabad yesterday.

Even though the media men hurled a volley of questions at Kodandaram, he gave a patient and satisfactory answer to each one of them.

He said that TJAC and political parties represent different forms of the same movement. He said that TRS would continue its efforts to achieve Telangana by political process, and TJAC would be in the process of organizing people’s agitation for statehood.

TJAC has already started preparations to make Telangana March a resounding success. Efforts are on to activate JAC members in every village of Telangana.

TNGO leaders Swami Goud, Devi Prasad, Gazetted Officers leader Swami Goud, Telangana Employee leader Vittal, Telangana Lecturers Forum leader Katti Venkata Swami, Addanki Dayakar from Telangana Mala Mahanadu, Dr. Narsayya from Doctors JAC, Venkatesh from Telangana Engineers JAC, New Democracy leader Goverdhan and several other Telangana activists participated in the meeting.


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3 Responses

  1. D.P.Reddy says:

    Glad to inform you all that on behalf of TDF I too was present in yesterday’s TJAC meeting on “CHALO HYDERABAD /TELANGANA MARCH ” .We have to involve as many Telanganites as possible in this memorable event to make CHALO HYDERABAD on 30th Sept’12 a grand success which will be AAKHRI DHAKKAA to get back our own TELANGANA .Let us give wide publicity to this AAKHRI MOKHA & work towards the realization of “T”.
    Telangana NOW or NEVER!!!

  2. Ramesh says:

    Make it a people’s march rather than the common rally of political parties. Dont use political flagas. use only one Telangana flag. Ensure maximum participation from Hyderabad. Common people should be attracted with, songs and cultural programmes. Make it a big event in the lines of Vinayaka Nimajjanam. If you want to conduct it do it in massive and peaceful way. Or it is better to postopone it if you are not sure of its success.

  3. P S Reddy says:

    Yes. Everybody who thinks that they cant literally go and particpate in T movement. At least motivate and ask as many as of our people to partpate the movement on that day and show the power of TG.

    U cant even imagine ala untadhi MARCH…..Jai Jai Telangana

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