Assocham recommends creation of infrastructure outside Hyderabad in Telangana

Telangana government should expedite completion of ongoing infrastructure projects and also take up new ones to bridge the divide between Hyderabad and other parts of the state, industry body Assocham said today.

“Developing infrastructure in Telangana is essential for reducing costs of economic activities thereby leveraging public resources to access a large pool of private resources and providing an environment that help benefit from liberalised policies,” a strategy paper titled ‘Realising Growth Potential of Telangana’, undertaken by the ASSOCHAM, said.

Source: The Economic Times

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2 Responses

  1. Venugopal Rao T says:

    While my great great forefathers are hailing from Bhongir , I have choosen , three decades back, Warangal in the place of Hyderabad for construction of own house for my permanent residence with an intention that one should not contribute for avoidable haphazard urbanization and I sincerely hoped that there will be all round development in all the District Head Quarters on par with the Hyderabad District.

    If I look back, my genuine ideal decision/hope have became wrong and felt depressed. Fortunately, the dream of Telangana State under the visionary leadership of KCR have became reality and my hopes have revived.

    I humbly appeal to the New Telangana State Government to take sincere remedial measures for all round development of all the districts of our State . Please create massive infrastructure (viz. Highways, irrigation and other employment generation avenues etc.. in the interiors of the Districts ) to such an extent that the people living in the districts should not look to Hyderabad City even for Health emergencies like European countries and USA.

    Please do not allow the concerned authorities to repeat the same mistake of successive previous governments of united AP. I am confident that visionary KCR will be successful in the exemplary development of Telangana by overcoming the hurdles, if any, in this regard.

    I humbly request the Telangana Government to make all out efforts to distribute the fruits of New State to all the Ten Districts to eradicate poverty and ensure avoidable urbanization.

    Jai Hind. Jai Telangana.

    3rd August 2014

  2. Raju says:

    Like VenuGopal Anna said it’s high time that our visionary government take steps in decentralization and reducing the burden on Hyderabad and there by improving the all-round development in District Head quarters 9( DHQ ). Of 9 DHQ 7 of them are with in 150 KM distance from Hyderabad which made the job easier. We all know too much emphasis on Hyderabad by the previous governments brought disparities in the development of DHQs. In USA , they haven’t put in all their efforts on the capital of state alone-take any state for instance- instead they developed alternatives to capital by investing in other cities.

    Hope to live in Telangana where ppl don’t need to look up to Hyderabad for just about everything, be it survival or recreation.

    Jai Telangana, Jai Bharat

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