A Visha Vruksham Called Parakala Prabhakar

One of the main objectives of MissionTelangana, is to expose the double talk of Seemandhra leadership. In this article, we wish to bring out the true colors of a guy, who has suddenly realized the importance of keeping the state united.

His name is Parakala Prabhakar!

Sounds familiar? Yes, its the same Parakala Prabhakar who is seen in ‘x’ party today and ‘y’ party tomorrow. Its the same Prabhakar who hosts talk shows on TV. Its the same Prabhakar who was educated at the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE).

And what is he doing to help keep the state united?

He launched a Facebook group called Visalandhra Mahasabha!

WOW. Isn’t that a great place to start a ‘movement’? 😀

And then, he started writing articles on his blog and elsewhere peddling his own theories about Telangana movement. The gist of his arguments is that Telangana movement is not a genuine people’s movement and it is a result of political opportunism and the grievances of Telangana people are not genuine.


We know you are disappointed. We expected better stuff from an Ex-LSE guy. Isn’t it the same crap we were hearing from all the United AP guys? Then what is this new kid on the block adding to the whole argument?

Well, he is not adding anything to the argument. He is just promoting old arguments at new avenues. His new round of propaganda is not going to make any impact what-so-ever on the Telangana movement.

Then, why are we even writing this article?

We wanted to share some background on this educated chameleon and expose his double-talk.

Parakala Prabhakar served as a spokesperson for BJP, then he went on to become the founding member of Praja Rajyam Party. And when Chiranjeevi denied him the Narsapur MP ticket, Parakala resigned from that party.

You would love to read this quote from The Hindu about what Parakala said while he was in PRP:

“We want the State to be divided like brothers in a family. We respect the ‘atma gouravam’ and ‘atma abhimanam’ of the Telangana people and we said we will never come in the way if separation is necessary”

This is the same guy who is spitting venom on Telangana movement now!

Isn’t it a classic example of how shameless can some people get for their selfish needs.

There is another twist to this story. Parakala Prabhakar’s wife Nirmala Sitharaman serves as the national spokesperson of Bharatiya Janatha Party. And here is a statement she issued some time back: (as reported in DNA)

“The BJP stand on the matter is very clear from the beginning. We have taken one line on Telengana that in 1997 BJP had passed a resolution on bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. BJP has always been in favour of smaller states. It is in favour of Telengana”

We are sure, you never saw such naked examples of opportunism and double-talk before.

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9 Responses

  1. naveen says:

    veedini kooda pattinchukuntama…veedini pattinchukunte vaadi value perugutundhi mana value tagutundhi…joker gaadu.

  2. J R Janumpalli says:

    These andhra intellectuals are notorious for their double speak and rabid regionalism. The (in) famous Dr.KLRao literally shop lifted 3 lakh acres of identified ayacut under NSP left canal from Nalgonda and planted it in Krishna district under right canal and became a minister in the centre for that. The self proclaimed intellectual and former IAS, ‘JP’ wants to divert godavari telangana waters to andhra,to stabilize their old irrigated ayacut, submerging 300 villages of telangana but pleads that supreme court is giving more importance to birds than people in rehabilitating ‘Kolleru’ lake in andhra.He is an intellectual leader for andhras.Such examples are numerous.
    Whether they are LSE, IAS or IES, their compulsive ‘itch’ for their region and their ethnic group is all pervasive. In fact it is their over-riding general ethnic character, with only a handful of exceptions.

  3. Jai says:

    More about Parakala including family history, party hopping etc.:

    His father Parakala Seshavataram was a life long Congressman and a close associate of PV Narasimha Rao. Seshavataram was the only minister in the Vengal Rao to quit his post and join Congress (I) when it broke away in 1978. Seshavataram joined the Chenna Reddy govt. but died soon after. Kalikambha, his wife, won the bye-election but was swept away in the TDP wave of 1983.

    Prabhakar after returning from London tried his luck as a Congress candidate. He lost miserably and blamed his defeat on back stabbing actor Krishnam Raju.

    Prabhakar defected to BJP but his nemesis Krishnam Raju soon followed him into BJP. The result: he was totally sidelined with no one yielding him any space. He stage managed his expulsion from the BJP by contesting in the MLC elections against party dictat. He was trounced in the MLC elections but the expulsion gave him a chance to join the newly formed PRP. He used the “same district” plank to get close to Chiranjeevi. Alas Krishnam Raju too joined PRP.

    Prabhakar tried to influence ticket distribution in PRP. This got him on the wrong side of Allu Arvind who was busy selling tickets in black. Prabhakar even failed to get a ticket for himself. He distanced himself from the party and vomited a lengthy diatribe.

    Prabhakar quit BJP & PRP on some imaginary grievances. Though these parties supported Telangana, he never gave this as a reason for quitting.

    Prabhakar turned his luck with TV anchoring. Successful initially, it petered out like his other adventures. It may also be noted he never opposed Telangana as an anchor.

    Nirmala Seetaraman is the brians of the family. She had been involved in BJP circles even during her days in London. She was quietly managing the school run by the family trust turning it a positive pro-child instituite remarkably different from the “mugging factories” so common these days. Once Nirmala turned to active politics, Prabhakar took over the day-to-day administration of the school. The results are predictable: its reputation nosediving, the school is tottering in its last days.

    Who are Prabhakar’s colleagues in the so called VMS? Nalamotu Chakravarty, the “author” who sold 13 copies of his fiction but became the darling of the samaikya crowd. A man who calls himself “Kumar Chowdhary Yadav” and claims to be the founder of an unknown party called “Samaikyandhra Samithi Party”. Sunkara Venkateswar Rao, who wants to “bachao” Hyderabad but is no where to be seen when the andhera govt. ruins our rocks, our baghs, our lakes and our heritage buildings. A couple of other motley jokers.

    Parakala Prabhakar is a loser, an egomaniac and an idiot to the core.

  4. shyam says:

    anna, unless we join that group and counter every allegation that they post on that page, we will never be able to convince our own brothers and sisters forget about convincing Andra folks. I have added that page as my friend but unfortunately there is too much of Telugu that is published there and I cannot comprehend too much of that (I am very sorry about this unfortunate situation, I sincerely apologize).

    These guys need to be put in their place and unless we do that they don’t realize that we are serious about Telangana. Jai Telangana..

  5. kattashekar says:

    He is a Meka Vanne Puli. These most undemocratic idiots now talk of democracy and meaningful discussion. You can see one piece in my blog-kattashekarreddy.blogspot.com

  6. Jai says:

    My comment on his latest post (not sure if he will allow it):

    A quick reading of your claims together with the truth:

    Your claim: “This is clear from the electoral performance of parties that contested polls on the platform of separate statehood for Telangana”
    Truth: Did you forget 1971 deliberately? TPS (10 of 14) was the only force that stood against Indira wave.

    Your claim: “In 1998, the Bhartiya Janta Party contested
    the Lok Sabha polls with the slogan “one vote-two states”

    Truth: BJP’s best performance on its own till date was a lone seat in a big city. They doubled this in 1998 winning a rural seat (Karimnagar) for the first time. They made their debut in Andhra. Contesting on their own, they won Kakinada & Narsapur seats. Surprised why the andhras voted for a party that promised Telangana? No, they did it again in 2009 when TDP (53) & PRP (16) did quite well 🙂

    Your claim: “In spite of its alliance with the Congress, it won only 26 of the 54 seats it contested”
    Truth: TRS contested 42 seats, not 26. BTW Congress had included Telangana in its agenda and UPA CMP as well.

    Your claim: “There were no takers for Devender Goud’s Praja Telangana Party. He wound it up”
    Truth: People found it difficult to believe Goud (then # 2 man in TDP ) as he had never raised his voice before. He went on to make the mistake of joining PRP, effectively ending his career.

    Your claim: “Indra Reddy dabbled with the idea, he had a flop show”
    Truth: Similar to Goud”s credibility. Indrareddy also had the stigma of being close to Lakshmi Paravathi.

    Your claim: “Channa Reddy was debarred from contesting elections by the courts. At the end of the six-year period, in 1969, he used the issue for a political comeback”
    Truth: The movement was started by students, not Reddy. In any case, he had *just* been debarred and could not contest before 1975 (the six years started, not ended, in 1969)

  7. raghu says:

    Namasthe all,

    The comments that are mentioned are excellent in countering the claims of this Visalandhra. But, how many people open our site or missiontelangana. Very few telangana people. I too happened to open this site only because someone has posted visalandhra in facebook and was checking the history of parakala prabhakar where I found this site. Let’s put the comments in their comments page too and counter on each point he says. We shall also reply in polite way so that it can be posted by every boy and girl of Telangana.
    Jai Telangana, Jai Bharat

  8. Kumar says:

    By the way nice website dude. The mission Telangana must keep going. From now onwards i will be regular to it, to know and teach others the facts.

  9. Dilip Sawale says:

    People never knew the reality!

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