Without taxing people, the municipal reforms earn Rs 473 crore

The municipal reforms initiated by the BRS government did a miracle. Without levying any tax on the people, the reforms resulted in increased revenue of Rs 473 crore to the state.
The initiatives such as TSBPass, self-assessment, auto mutation, mapping of houses, and ULB assessment – all put together resulted in an increase in revenue of Rs 473.84 crore to the state government.
For a hassle-free permission for the construction of houses, the government introduced TSBPass and it is being implemented in towns. After the construction, the system generates the tax the beneficiaries should be obliged to pay. So far, 1.19 lakh permissions for the construction of houses were issued through this system which earned Rs 16.64 crore for the municipal department additionally.
The municipal department has allowed the people to assess their own tax rather than impose unilaterally. Those presenting false information would be penalised. So far 1.69 lakh assets were self-assessed and that generated a revenue of Rs 82.67 crore.
The new mantra of the state government `Maximum governance and minimum government’ seems to be working wonders.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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