Venepally Panduranga Rao arrested

Venepally Panduranga Rao, the leader of Telangana Matti Manushula Vedika and convenor of Telangana Rythu Sanghala JAC was arrested yesterday late night by the police and shifted to hospital. Venepally was on a indefinite fast demanding immediate release of Nagarjuna Sagar water for Telangana region

This is the third consecutive cropping season that water was not released Left Bank Canal.

Repeated pleas by the farmers and peoples’ organizations of Telangana region have fallen on deaf ears.

As a complete contrast, the state government has released water to paddy nurseries in Krishna Delta region this year.

Protesting this discrimination, Venepally Panduranga Rao had taken up indefinite fast on 3rd November. His health deteriorated considerably by yesterday late night. The police have arrested Venepally and sent him to the Miryalagudem Govt. Hospital.

Telangana Rythu Sanghala JAC has called for a bandh on 7th Nov in the Left Bank Canal region.


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