TRS leaders stage protest over allocation of election symbols in Munugode by-poll

Despite several requests by the TRS leaders to the Election Commission not to allocate symbols that are similar to the Car symbol of their party, it refused to heed their request. A road roller that was allocated to an independent candidate in 2011 affected the chances of prospective candidate then.

Now, the Election Commission allocated eight symbols that are closely similar to the ruling TRS party car symbol. It would definitely affect the chances of their candidate and hence they gave official representation requesting the commission and even moved the High Court as well. However, the commission did not budge and went ahead with allocating the symbols to all candidates.

Accusing the BJP leaders of influencing the election commission, the TRS leaders staged a protest at Chandur. MLA B Suman said they would once move the High Court over the issue.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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