There will be no hike in power charges in Telangana state, ERC chairman T Sriranga Rao

Giving a sigh of relief to the people, the state power distribution companies (Discoms) have taken a decision not to increase the power tariff this year.
Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC) chairman Tanneeru Sriranga Rao said the commission has requested the Discoms to continue to the existing tariff. The two Discoms – NPDCL and SPDCL were asked not to increase the tariff. The Central government has allowed the Discoms to increase 30 paise per unit and if they wanted to increase 50 paise per unit, they will have to take ERC permission. For that, the ERC needs to conduct a public hearing and take public opinion on the issue.
He said those consuming 500 units were asked to install pre-paid meters through Discoms.
According to him, indicating the power sector development, the per capita consumption in the state for the year 2021-2022 was 2,126 units as against the national per capita consumption of 1,255 units.
The Telangana power distribution companies have been supplying round-the-clock free uninterrupted quality power.
Mr Sriranga Rao said since more companies were coming up in the state, industrial and commercial consumption is expected to increase to 15.07 percent from the existing 13.75 percent in 2023-2024.
Telangana is the only state providing a free power supply benefitting 27.62 lakh farmers. It is also providing free power of 101 units free to SC and STs for domestic purposes, 250 units for barbers saloon shops, and laundry shops of washermen, and giving Rs 2 subsidy to power looms, poultry farms, and spinning mills.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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