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The foreign minister puts India to shame

The remarks made by the foreign minister Jai Shankar demolished the claims of BJP and put the country to shame internationally. He said India cannot win a war with China given its prowess both in the economy and military capabilities.
Several retired defense officers are furious over the remarks and sought to know what happened to the man with a 56-inch chest who claimed to be the only leader of patriots.
Former Navy chief Arun Prakash sought to know if the economy decided the power of the country, and how could the smaller countries Cuba, North Korea, and Iran fought the mighty USA.
The so-called largest democracy with nuclear capability, a stable economy, and true patriots stooped before the China instead of standing tall.
Retired Lt General Anil Duhun described Jai Shankar’s remarks as the absolute surrender of India to China. He wanted to know what happened to the lofty claims of BJP before the elections. What happened to the self-claims of Mr Modi that they were the only true patriots and guards of the country?
Mr Modi gave a clean chit to the intrusion of China and the man with a 56-inch chest stooped to all the low and insulted the self-respect of the people of the whole of the country.
He further said it was not a question of big or small economy. But if the country concedes to the threats, the self-respect of people is gone forever. It is shameful on the part of the foreign minister and unfortunate to have people like him at the helm of affairs, he mocked.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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