The CM Mr KCR and the influential minister in the cabinet Mr KTR are out on a mission.

The IT minister Mr KTR has been holding hectic parleys with the industrial giants in UK to attract investments to Telangana state. He was to showcase the state progress at the World Economic Forum at Davos from today. He had been spending breathless time with his busy schedule.

While the chief minister Mr KTR as vowed embarked on a country-wide tour drawing the attention of the people. He had been holding talks with the leaders of various political leaders with a mission to develop an alternate agenda for the people of the country. He pledged to prevent the country from further falling into the abyss with divisive politics and dividing people on caste and religious lines.

However, a section of the media has been spitting venom as if they were on a leisure tour stating that there is no king and no son in the state as if it was in a state of disarray.

Little did they know that the state was safe in the hands of both the leaders and there were officers and ministers who were to take care of day-to-day affairs. Meanwhile, both leaders were also being apprised of the things going on in Telangana every minute.

Had it been illiterate or semi-literate politicians, they would not have left their chairs even for a while but both Mr KCR and Mr KTR were so confident of their abilities and competencies. They do not fear, unlike other conventional politicians.

It is better for the venom-spitting media and political leaders to stop criticising and appreciate the efforts of the ruling TRS party leaders for their relentless work in developing the Telangana.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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