Telangana villages topped the list of Best Villages in the country.

The list of best villages was announced by the central government in the country.
The Telangana state topped the list. Of the 20 best villages in the country, the first 15 belong to Telangana state.
The ranking is based on several criteria such as cement concrete roads, dumping yards, cemeteries, nurseries, water harvesting structures, and sanitation among others.
The Telangana government has equipped and strengthened all the Gram Panchayats with tractors, water tankers, enough staff, focus on sanitation, construction of cemeteries, and so on.
Despite such recognition by the Central Governmnet, the local BJP leaders still criticize the TRS government and claim credit for every effort of the TRS government.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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